What Is Herbs Of Gold?

What Is Herbs Of Gold?

Herbs of Gold is a brand that supplies the natural health industry with quality and innovative supplements while at the same time providing consultancy services to all retailers and consumers. Based in Australia, the company is committed to the health and well-being through quality and research-based natural health formulas.

Herbs of Gold was established in 1989 to provide a variety of high-quality herbal and nutritional supplements. Since its inception, Kate Fraser, a medical herbalist, and the owner has striven to make the company an industry leader in natural health care.

What Does Herbs of Gold Provide?

For more than two decades now, the company has always expanded and improved its product offering to provide consumers with superior products. Products developed by the company combine minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, showing a holistic approach used by Australianvitamins.com Herbs of Gold in producing their products.

Herbs have a long history of ‘empiricism’ meaning- knowledge through experience. Dating back in written history from 2800BC, herbal medicine is the oldest known type of medicine. The herbs used today are derived from several deep traditions of medicinal use. Herbs of Gold products’ use herbs that originate from Chinese, European and Ayurvedic(Indian) cultures.

Quality Assurance

Herbs of Gold utilize traditional evidence with the most recent research on nutrients and herbs to develop quality and efficacious supplements. The practitioners at the company constantly evaluate the latest research to offer their customers the most up to date information and innovations in the industry.
Every product developed guarantees efficacy and potency. From the selection of raw materials to manufacturing the finished product, the company performs every step of the manufacturing process with utmost care. Every supplement developed and sold by the company meet strict regulations for quality, safety, and efficacy stipulated by the Australian Government, to ensure the supplements are of high quality.

The company’s slogan states, ‘customers buy satisfaction not just the product.’ With such a slogan, customers are guaranteed satisfaction in every product they use so that they can come back again and again.

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